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LCD Pixel Criteria

ClearDragon is committed to customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality products in the industry. The result is that our LCD displays generally have very few non-performing pixels. For example, an 18" SXGA (1280 x 1024) display has nearly 4 million sub-pixels. A product exhibiting 7 non-performing pixels would equate to an extremely small (0.00018%) of the total sub-pixels.

(1280 Horizontal Pixels) * (1024 Vertical Pixels) * (3 sub-pixels per pixel) = 3,932,160 sub-pixels

[(7 non-performing pixels) / (3,932,160 sub-pixels)] * 100% = 0.00018%

To ensure the highest performing displays, ClearDragon sets limits as to the allowable number of pixel anomalies. ClearDragon has adopted the following pixel criteria to supplement our existing three-year limited warranty. This policy applies to all ClearDragon LCD displays during the warranty period.

   1. ClearDragon sets limits on 14" - 15" LCD's at 3 bright sub-pixels, 3 dark sub-pixels, or a combination of 3.
   2. ClearDragon sets limits on 17" - 19" LCD's at 5 bright sub-pixels, 5 dark sub-pixels, or a combination of 5.
   3. ClearDragon sets limits on 20" & greater LCD's at 7 bright sub-pixels, 7 dark sub-pixels, or a combination of 7.

It is possible that any replacement display may also have some non-performing sub-pixels. This should be considered when requesting a warranty exchange.